Become Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor and earn money from home

Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor Starter Training

With our successful business model, you can earn above-average money while enjoying the life of financial freedom you have always dreamed of. Our exclusive effect cosmetics line, which promises explosive rejuvenation within minutes, inspires more and more customers around the world every day.

Immediate results with long-term effect include a youthful complexion, full lips, radiant eyes, amazing reduction of wrinkles, reduction of cellulite, and much more. As a Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor, you can demonstrate these results everywhere and in an instantly. Prospective clients will certainly be amazed with the before and after WOW effect and be enchanted with the joy of a new self.

The 10 steps of success as independent Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor

1. Registration as Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor, ordering of the starter-kit, product order.

With the registration as DRJ consultant you have ordered your starter-kit. What makes this starter-kit so important?

Quite simple:
You have to become a “product of the product” yourself, i.e. make your own positive experience with Dr. Juchheim effect cosmetics every day. Only like that you can convince others.

Imagine, you would like to get someone interested into a new movie, but haven’t seen it by yourself? Therefore, your own experiences are so important. Furthermore, you always need to have a minimum selection of products for your daily presentations.

Give your lines and wrinkles and your cellulite a last flashlight and take a “before”-picture in any case. Only then you use the effect cosmetics, in order to take an “after” picture after corresponding time. These two pictures are your strongest arguments.

The more often you give others the chance to experience DRJ effect cosmetics, the more customers and consultants you will acquire. Show as many “before-after” pictures as possible and let all those people interested try our effect cosmetics themselves. Important also here: Always remember the “before” picture and also take a picture after the application, so that your customers

Show as many “before-after” pictures as possible and let all those people interested try our effect cosmetics themselves. Important also here: Always remember the “before” picture and also take a picture after the application, so that your customers can see the difference immediately.

Three rules leading to success:
• Share the “before-after” pictures – personally or in the social media.
• Present DRJ Effect cosmetics daily as often as possible and talk about the business opportunity!
• Many customers want to start promptly after seeing the impressive results with the effect cosmetics. Therefore, it is recommendable to always have a small amount of our bestsellers on stock. Advantage: Your customer is promoting for you immediately and your business develops even faster.

2. How much time each day are you going to invest into your success?
It is absolutely necessary that you invest into your Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor business on a daily basis. Not just now and then or once a week. For sure you know the proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It’s not 7 apples on Saturday. It is the daily activity with which you are going to get the biggest success.

In average, every European spends approx. 2 hours every day in front of the TV and takes part in the lives of others, instead of creating his own live. Invest your time into your success.

3. How much do you want to earn?
Many people start something, without having a firm goal in mind! You as Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor have all possibilities to reach your financial freedom safely and permanently and to fulfill all your dreams. Please note: Dreams are just goals with a date. Therefore, you have to determinate when you want to have reached which position in the career and compensation plan.

Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor earn money from selling Products

4. Make your list of 100 contacts
Every one of us has contacts to so many people every day. We all have neighbours, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. The best thing about this is: they all have skin and become older. Write down the people you know, who is interested in the unique DRJ effect cosmetics and who would just fancy more time and money.

At least 100 names and telephone numbers should find their place in your contact list.

Every day you accordingly can increase the list with names and telephone numbers for the next presentation.

5. Set up your action plan
It is important that you know every day what your tasks are. Your success as a Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor depends on the number of contacts and product presentations. Therefore, set up your action plan this very day. What are the 5 daily actions that you are willing to do every day? Important: The actions need to be measureable.

Thus, it is necessary to define, to how many people you are going to present the DRJ effect cosmetics DAILY. Enter into the list, how many contacts, etc. you have made in fact, for allowing you the review your own effort. You are your own boss, therefore, it is important that you supervise yourself.

6. Learn everything about the DRJ effect cosmetics and the DRJ career and compensation plan.
It is important that you know the facts. In your back-office you find a detailed manual and a document to the career and compensation plan. Print them both and learn all the facts. Only if you feel absolutely certain, you can convince others. We inspire with effect and result, not with opinion. As an expert who knows his text, you will be acknowledged and have more success.

7. Invite every week (to your home)
Prepare a DRJ effect cosmetic presentation at least once a week at your home or – with growing group size – in appropriate venues and subsequently guide the interested people through a business presentation in connection with a starter-training.

How? Very simple:
1. Cleansing with DRJ Tonic Water
2. “Before” picture
3. Application of the effect cosmetics
4. “After” picture after appropriate time
5. Show both pictures with a picture app positioned next to each other.
6. Present the effect.

After this, you report about the Juchheim Cosmetics Distributor business opportunity. Explain the career and compensation plan! You quickly will realise that everybody wants to save money (consultant purchasing benefit) and earn money!

Then you definitely need to go through the starter-training. For this, just explain points 1 – 10 of this training and clarify possible questions.

8. Take part in all training events and training calls.
DRJ offers you regular trainings for your success. It is a must that you and your complete team are there. Each attendance helps you on and is crucial for your success. The longest way is worth it, because you can make lots of new contacts and you learn all important facts for reaching your goals safely.

9. DO IT!
“Actions speak louder than words!” an old German poet once said. Your commitment decides on your success. DRJ offers you everything you need for achieving your goals safely. The necessary initiative, however, must come from yourself.

Therefore, start NOW! Psychologists say, the things you do not settle within 24 – 72 hours, most probably will never be done. You got to know in this starter training all important steps, now it is only up to you. Best wishes for great success!

10. NOW!
You really wanted to put aside the starter-training without becoming active? The best moment to
do the first steps is: NOW!

Write down NOW, how much time you are going to invest daily, your profit target, make your first product order, write down your contact list, invite to your first presentation and start learning from today 15 minutes per day about the DRJ effect cosmetics and the career and compensation plan.

We will be pleased seeing you at the next meeting as a new manager and to assign you as a director very soon.


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